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Jul. 15
Integration of Suzue Group Subsidiary.
Jun. 15
Establish Joint Venture Company in India.
May. 24
The Announcement of New Board Members.
May. 01
Notification of Tokyo Branch Relocation.
Mar. 21
Reach an Agreement to Establish Joint Venture Company in UAE.
Feb. 27
KMA-Suzue Logistics Myanmar Ltd. is to launch Container Freight Station (CFS) Construction.
Feb. 02
Establish local subsidiary in USA (New York) and Singapore.


Dec. 05
Established a Joint Venture Company at Philippines.
Nov. 01
The Announcement of the new company establishment.
Sep. 01
Signed an Agreement with South Korean Company.
May. 19
The Announcement of Change in Representative Directors.
Mar. 03
Signed an Agreement on a Joint Venture in Philippines.


Dec. 25
Acquired Halal Certification of Domestic Delivery.
Dec. 10
Entered into Two MOUs for The Formation of Two Joint Venture Companies in Mumbai, India & in Dubai, UAE.
Oct. 22
Approved as an AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Warehouse Operator by Yokohama Customs.
Sep. 17
Acquired Kosher Certification at Odaiba Distribution Center.
Jun. 11
Established Local Subsidiary in Mexico.
Apr. 20
Acquired Halal Certification at Odaiba Distribution Center.
Jan. 14
Signed Friendship Alliance Agreement with Bangladeshi Local Containership Liner: HRC Shipping Limited.


Oct. 30
Signed MOU with local containership companies in Turkey and Bangladesh.
Aug. 22
Signed an agreement with South African Company.


Jul. 01
Signed an agreement on a joint venture in Malaysia.
Feb. 26
Signed an agreement on the establishment of a joint venture in Myanmar.


May. 31
Signed an agreement on the establishment of a joint venture in Indonesia.
Mar. 02
Nagaura Dangerous Cargo Warehouse No2 has newly been established.


Apr. 01
Renewed a homepage.


Apr. 01


May. 12
A new business hub in the Setouchi area.
Feb. 13
We have relauched our stock inquiry system.