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In this highly information-oriented society, we pledge to recognize the significance of Personal Information and that, the proper handling of this Personal Information is an important obligation. Therefore, we have established the following polices for the custody of Personal Information.

1. We comply with all laws and regulations related to the custody of Personal Information and handle it appropriately.

2. Upon acquiring Personal Information, we will specify the purpose for which that information will be used, and acquire the Personal Information in proper and fair procedures.

3. We deal with the Personal Information we have acquired within the scope of the specified purpose or those rationally related when it is essential for the operation of our business.

4. We will establish the necessary measures and engage in the appropriate supervision to prevent any disclosure or loss of, or tampering with any personal Information.

5. If we receive a request from any client in relation to whom we have custody of Personal Information, to disclose, amend, delete or cease using that information, we will set up Personal Information Response Office and respond to it quickly according to laws regulations.

Personal Information Response Office

  • (1) The General Affairs Department: (TEL) +81-45-671-5330
  • (2) (E-mail)

We adopt and implement practices for the appropriate handling of Personal Information that accord with this privacy policy, and will strive to improve the suitability and implementation of those practices. We establish clear internal regulation regarding the handling of Personal Information and make these regulations known to all our employers.

1 April, 2005

Yasushi Tadome

Representative Director and President
Suzue Corporation