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Integrated Physical Distribution Services

We are proud of our inter-modal transportation system, which meets diversified customer demands with our distribution bases radiating out from Keihin Port to Hokkaido in the north, and Kyushu and Okinawa in the south.Our warehouses are equipped with a variety of functions, which enables us to help you find the best environment for your goods to be stored in the best condition. The IT infrastructure for inventory control ensures total efficiency and enables us to satisfy wide-ranging customer demands by controlling the flow of the goods at every stage, from product commercialization with pickup/processing up to delivery.

Real Estate Service

We seize new business opportunities, one of which is the urban space redevelopment project centered on the Bay Area. Always racking our brains for something new ideas that sophisticate urban spaces more, we from various angles, consider what is needed for people's quality lives in the future, and design attractive and eco-friendly cities. We, putting these unique ideas into practice, are determined to act as a new leader who produces creative cities and cultures.